Founded in 2019 in Antwerp, Belgium, Amynas’ mission is to reduce implant-related infections - leading to reduced hospital re-admission rates for post-surgical complications. Its lead candidate product NanoPocket is a bio-envelope made of electrospun nanofibers designed to promote healthy tissue growth around the implant (anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring) and reduce the infection rate. With the NanoPocket envelope, Amynas first focus is on lowering CIED infections.


Cardiac Impantable Electronic Device (CIED) infections occur regularly and increase the length of stay in hospitals from only 5-6 days for CIED operations without complications to an anverage of 15-24 days. Importantly, also mortality rates worsen upon infection, with a rise from 0.8%-1.7% mortality for non-infected CIEDs to 4.6-11.3% mortality following admission with CIED infection. One-year mortality rates are even more dramatic, reaching 26.5%-35.1% for patients with a CIED infection, compared to 8.7-15% for patients without infection.(1,2) On average, infection interventions cost between $52.000 and $100,000, thereby greatly impacting hospital costs. (3)


Based on the revolutionary electrospinning technology, nanofibers (thickness 400-800 nm) create a highly porous surface, ideal for the promotion of healthy tissue growth. The specific thickness delivers an optimal scaffold construct for cell attachment and proliferatio, while the high porosity allows for cell-cell interactions and promotes angiogenesis. Taken together, nanofibers create an optimal pro-healing surrounding for implants to reside in. (4)

To combat post-implant infections, there is a high need for local antimicrobial therapies. Amynas wants to help battle these infections without weighing on the conventional antibiotics, suffering from increasing resistance rates. Therefore, alternative strategies are being researched. In this context, an ongoing partnership with the world-renowned university KULeuven, Belgium, will allow for the integration of anti-biofilm molecules in Amynas' electrospun nanofibers. This breakthrough technology, already proven to counteract resistance, provides the ultimate answer to life-threatening CIED infections. (5)


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